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Upcoming Webinar: Reproductive and Sexual Health Considerations for Transgender and Nonbinary People

Friday, December 16, 2022 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM PDT
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1.5 CME credits available to those who register and attend the LIVE event.

This webinar is presented by Gayge Maggio, FNP-BC, AAHIVS and will focus on the reproductive and sexual health needs/considerations of transgender and gender non-conforming people. There will be a focus on learning to approach sexual health in a culturally sensitive, non-judgmental manner and how to deliver family planning needs and contraceptive options for patients who identified as transgender and/or non-binary.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss and perform a culturally sensitive sexual health inventory with transgender patients
  • Describe how to provide culturally sensitive, trauma-informed cervical cancer screening and the impact of testosterone on testing
  •  Discuss options for contraception in assigned female at birth transgender and gender non-conforming patients.
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Online Webinar – PAVE 101 Training

The PAVE portal is the Provider Enrollment Division’s (PED) web-based application designed to simplify and accelerate enrollment processes. PED hosts monthly provider Q&A webinars.

You can also access the training slides from previous PAVE 101, an introductory training course that will cover common questions PED has received about PAVE.

DHCS Family Planning Stakeholder Meeting

The DHCS Office of Family Planning (OFP) is committed to effective stakeholder engagement. The meetings are open to the public and ensure that low income Californians have access to health information, counseling and family planning services to reduce the likelihood of unintended pregnancy and to maintain optimal reproductive health.

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A group of professionals gathering around a laptop