Minor Consent and Confidentiality for Sexual Health Services in California

October 25, 2023


This presentation will provide an overview of the laws that impact minors and their
access to confidential sexual health and family planning services in California. It will
review important exceptions to confidentiality, including mandated child abuse
reporting, and share some examples of best practices for implementation in difficult
situations. Participants will learn about resources to support implementation of
minor consent laws and be given an opportunity to test their own knowledge
through case studies.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify when minors in California may consent to their own sexual health care
    under federal and state law
  • Determine the confidentiality and information sharing obligations that apply
    when minors seek sexual health care services
  • Describe approaches to implement the basic tenets of inclusive, respectful,
    and empowering health care provision in line with consent and confidentiality
  • Identify resources for keeping up-to-date with law and best practices related
    to consent and confidentiality for adolescent health services in California


Rebecca Gudeman, J.D., M.P.A.
Attorney and Senior Director of Health at the National Center for Youth Law
Leading national expert in multiple areas with over 30 years experience
Launched Reproductive Health Equity Project for Foster Youth in 2016