Implementing the 2019 ASCCP Risk-Based Management Guidelines for Abnormal Cervical Cancer Screening Tests in Your Practice

July 23, 2020


The long-awaited new ASCCP Management Guideline App is now available, as well as the print version of the 2019 Guidelines. The new guidelines are streamlined for ease of use and can be significantly more individualized than the 2012 guidance by integrating information about an individual’s previous screening test and biopsy results, and personal factors such as age and immunosuppression. The guidelines now provide recommended follow up for all 3 available cervical screening strategies. This webinar will briefly explain the rationale used in developing the Guidelines, discuss how various abnormalities should be managed, and provide interactive demonstrations of how to use the app. In addition, specific considerations for the application of Family PACT benefits, including coding and billing, will be discussed. Learning objectives: At the end of this session, the learner will be able to:

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the risk-based paradigm for managing abnormal cervical cancer screening test results.
  • Explain how risk-thresholds guide the clinical actions of immediate treatment, colposcopy, and short-interval follow up.
  • Demonstrate use of the ASCCP app to apply the new guidelines to patient care.


Patty Cason, RN, MS, FNP-BC
Assistant Clinical Professor
UCLA School of Nursing
President, Envision SRH

Michael Policar, MD, MPH
Professor Emeritus, UCSF
Senior Medical Advisor, CAPTC and California OFP
Clinical Fellow, NFPRHA