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Client Education Materials

Order Materials

Family PACT providers have access to a wide range of easy-to-read, culturally appealing client education materials. These materials are available to Family PACT providers at no cost.

The Office of Family Planning has updated many of its current Client Education Materials and discontinued other materials.

Orders are to be submitted in an electronic format. Please download the form and send the completed form as an attachment via email to or fax to (916) 440-5656. Orders will not be accepted by phone.

Order a four month supply based on the number of Family PACT clients served in a one year period. You must indicate the number of items you are ordering next to the item number. Please order in increments of 50 for each item.

All items are available in English and Spanish only.

For further assistance, call 916-650-0414.

Access Online

You can view and download select Client Education Materials here. More materials will be added as they become available.

Birth Control Methods

Shot Wallet Card
English   OF2558


STI Diagnosis and Prevention

Sexually Transmitted Infections: HIV Facts
English   OF4021
Spanish  OF4022

Cervical Cancer Screening

Your Colposcopy Exam: What to Expect Info Sheet
English   OF2769